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The newest & most effective way to brand on Facebook​

hb-ads in motion

Welcome to our premier multi-tier Facebook video ad management program. We manage your Facebook ads using a proven re-marketing strategy specifically tailored for Facebook. In a nutshell, a potential customer moves through a series of ads based on behavior at each point. This helps them gradually learn about you, intrigues them enough to investigate more, and dramatically increases the chances of conversion!

Getting set up with HB-Ads in Motion is fast, easy, and most importantly, worry-free! We take care of monitoring the effectiveness of your campaigns and make adjustments as needed. Help your customers get to know you by using the type of ad that has proven for decades to be the most effective type; video!

hb-ads in motion

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.


How Does it Work?

HB-Ads in motion is an AD management service at its core. But as a special bonus, the videos for your ads are included in the package as well! We create these videos specifically for HB operators. Feel free to use them in your marketing as long as you remain a customer with EZ-NetTools.

We follow a progression from in three stages; awareness, engagement, and finally branding. Using three sets of each allows different messages for different concerns from your customers. That way, the best video for a potential customer is shown to them based off what would be the strongest selling point for that particular customer.

Why Facebook?

When you advertise on Facebook,  you access the largest audience in the world. More importantly, you advertise only to people who could potentially be interested as one of your customers! This means the potential list of people who see your AD is much more focused. Consequently, you only pay for a useful audience. Not only that, the competition for Carpet Cleaning advertising is far less saturated than on Google.

Most of your customers will spend more time on Facebook than interacting with the Google Search engine. When you combine that fact with audibly and visually appealing ads, you supercharge your marketing and branding efforts!

Facebook Advertising



Awareness videos help potential clients identify a need and show them that your company can potentially fulfill that need.



Engagement videos should help potential clients see why your offer is the best solution.



Conversion videos contain a “call to action”. They are designed to move your customers to purchase your products.

The Result

The Result

Improved CTR, increased Traffic, and a higher conversion rate.

you don't have to make the videos

Sequence A

Sequence B

Sequence C

Step 1: Awareness

watch spaghetti promotional video
Play Video
Play Video
Play Video

Step 2: Engagement

safe for kids and pets
Play Video
Play Video
Play Video

Step 3: Conversion

Play Video
Play Video
Play Video